The Oxygen Mask

As someone who cares for others, how critical is your own self care?

We’re all familiar with the airplane practice and obvious importance of a parent securing their own oxygen mask first, before helping their youngster with placing theirs -when facing cabin depressurization and turbulence. It makes perfect sense. Without securing their own flow of oxygen, the caregiver would not be able to tolerate the air pressure instability, and would no longer be able to look after the minor, leaving the child to fend for themselves in a time of crisis.  So then, why does our culture normalize caregivers sacrificing their own daily self care (sacrificing their own oxygen) for others’ various and demanding needs?

This group is a non judgmental space that reminds caregivers of their critical value and responsibility for prioritizing their own well-being in order to be their best form of nurturer (securing their own oxygen masks, first).

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I'm a licensed mental health therapist that specializes in emotional regulation and healthy coping of children, parents, small families, individuals, and groups, and I've got great experience in supporting client growth and stabilization in the face of crisis. My clients are human, and so am I. We will work together through the tough emotions and bodily responses, get to the root of the problems and implement small changes, to reach our goals.

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