Thankful, Thank YOU

Thanksgiving is a holiday with a questionable (painful) past, more painful for some than others. Today I choose to use this American tradition as an extended opportunity to mindfully consider my life, and to take inventory of the immense gratitude I have.  

It has become natural for me to end therapy sessions with, “Thank you for our time” (you’re probably familiar).  I’ve had both child and adult clients point that out and ask why, suggesting, “It’s my session, what are you thanking me for?” Upon reflection, I want to broadcast a giant and sincere thank you for all of your time -with some specifics.

Thank you for being willing to look inward in a world that pushes and pulls at your attention, telling you everything is greater than self.

Thank you for entrusting me with your life moments, moments of reflection and in-real-time tough life stuff, allowing me to see the dark and the light, the joy and the pain. 

Thank you for showing up as the kind of parent you know you are capable of being, for receiving my feedback in stride and with good intention. 

Thank you for allowing for gentle confrontation and redirection and questioning of your auto-play, for the sake of bettering your relationships and more quickly reaching the finish line of your goals. 

Thank you for sitting with the difficult and beautiful experiences of humanity– the stinky and messy and awkward and funny moments, feelings of recognizing our limits and our gifts.

Thank you for truly pondering where the feelings sit in your body, every time I ask (even though that question always hits weird).

Thank you for being willing to touch the sand or pick up the crayon again, to access memories and emotions you purposefully put away years ago.

Thank you for being the kid, adolescent, teen, adult, couple, parent that you are. 

Right now. 

You are a joy to sit with each week. You make my career a highlight of my life. 

I am truly grateful for our work together. 

My wish for you is that this holiday and season kick-off with an increased sense of what you have and all the goodness you deserve to feel.  

Be Well!

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I'm a licensed mental health therapist that specializes in emotional regulation and healthy coping of children, parents, small families, individuals, and groups, and I've got great experience in supporting client growth and stabilization in the face of crisis. My clients are human, and so am I. We will work together through the tough emotions and bodily responses, get to the root of the problems and implement small changes, to reach our goals.

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