Meet Lenny!

Lenny is an HSP -a Highly Sensitive Plant, who knows that, with patient self reflection and advocacy, change can be made.

Lenny doesn’t pay attention to negative stigma about their- or others’ sensitivities, and certainly doesn’t scold or blame when they’re having trouble thriving…

…Instead, we consider their environmental conditions, their individual needs;
We water where planted or find sunnier spots with healthy soil for eventual transplantation! This can take time.

Before Lenny learns new skills to help them thrive, they need to beleaf in their ability to change, to grow.

Lenny grows through what Lenny goes through, much like you.

Lenny is Well1’s proud mascot, and will be reminding us of the basic things we can do to thrive, to grow, to be well -whatever that means for us.

Thank you to @krista_elvey for her loving artistry and commitment to mental health and wellness <3

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I'm a licensed mental health therapist that specializes in emotional regulation and healthy coping of children, parents, small families, individuals, and groups, and I've got great experience in supporting client growth and stabilization in the face of crisis. My clients are human, and so am I. We will work together through the tough emotions and bodily responses, get to the root of the problems and implement small changes, to reach our goals.

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