4 Tires of Self Care; CHECK ‘EM!

Who loves Summer road trips?! Lenny sure does!
Thankfully the road of life has taught Lenny the importance of checking their tires before they set out on any journey!

Just in the way each of our car tires require certain levels of air pressure to keep our cars moving through the map safely (and PSI levels vary between types of cars and functions of those vehicles), our 4 tires of basic self care need to be checked and managed, in order for us to arrive safely, mindfully, joyfully at our destination.

Summer schedules can feel free flowing and leave some tires low or even flat! How’s your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and play?
I’d bet your car’s tire pressure-needs are different from your friends and family members, -and that’s OK and important to respect (we all have unique needs. Some cars can go great distances with very little social connection air in their tires)!

Mood management is key for motivating our ability to reach our goals and protect our interpersonal relationships. Tire checks can help identify what activity may be helpful for getting our mental health back on track. Is your exercise tire a little flat? -go for a walk! Social connection tire a little too full? -say “no” to the next invite!

So check those tires every day,
gear up some good playlists, and crank the AC! Enjoy your journey.

Thanks for driving the image home @krista_elvey! 😉🌱🙌🏻

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