Using Mindfulness to Cope with Overwhelm and Panic

It’s the first week of August and between the warmth of the late summer days and the stress of the back to school season, many of us are feeling HOT AND BOTHERED… less able to enjoy the last few drops of Summer by staying present… more so pulled towards preparing for the future…. and perhapsContinue reading “Using Mindfulness to Cope with Overwhelm and Panic”

4 Tires of Self Care; CHECK ‘EM!

Who loves Summer road trips?! Lenny sure does!Thankfully the road of life has taught Lenny the importance of checking their tires before they set out on any journey! Just in the way each of our car tires require certain levels of air pressure to keep our cars moving through the map safely (and PSI levelsContinue reading “4 Tires of Self Care; CHECK ‘EM!”

All we need is…

Love is lovely; self love hit different -and elevates companionship in an incredible way. Happy V-day, happy day of hearts and hugs! Celebrate! Do something loving today- for yourself, for your family or your partner, and for a stranger. #All we need is #SelfAwareness and #Love Be well. <3

The Oxygen Mask

As someone who cares for others, how critical is your own self care? We’re all familiar with the airplane practice and obvious importance of a parent securing their own oxygen mask first, before helping their youngster with placing theirs -when facing cabin depressurization and turbulence. It makes perfect sense. Without securing their own flow ofContinue reading “The Oxygen Mask”