These are wild times.

No matter your set of strengths or experiences, the world is being impacted by a pandemic; political; environmental; socio-cultural shifts;

and as communities, families, and individuals,

we’re feeling it. 

Gratefully, we have an abundance of resources to feel better and the technology to get to them. 

My name is Jessica Wellins (Jaurequi) Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

-I am one of those resources. 

I’m a mental health psychotherapist that specializes in emotional regulation and healthy coping of children, parents, small families, individuals, and groups, and I’ve got great experience in supporting client growth and stabilization in the face of crisis. 

My clients are human, and so am I.   We will work together through the tough emotions and bodily responses,  get to the root of the problems and implement small changes, to reach our goals.

I’ll create and contain the space, you bring the goals and needs, and together, we will make the new normal. -One that’s well.

Tell for Well Blog

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Meet Lenny!

Well one’s don’t beleaf in stigma; they use a growth mindset to thrive!

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✧ Jessica Wellins is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #129207

City of Seal Beach business license #14206331 ✧

Thank you for visiting.

Be well.

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